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Following the pens dedicated to Pope John Paul II, to his beatification and to the exposition of the Holy Shroud , Italian pen maker Aurora presents a new limited series dedicated to Pope Francis: a collection of 936 fountain pens and roller ball pens inspired by the principles of humility, poverty and universal love professed by the Argentinian ‘pope of the poor’.
The pope Francis collection is now available at Giardino Italiano.

Life is a journey. When we stop, things don’t go right.

[Pope Francis]

Pope Francis, from the suburbs of Buenos Aires to the Vatican

The story of pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, can be considered as the perfect parable of the Christian message. Pope Francis was born in Buenos Aires on 17 December 1936, the son of Italian immigrants. He graduated as a chemical technician and then chose the path of priesthood. On March 11 1958 he became a Jesuit.
In spite of becoming an Archbishop and a prominent figure all over the South American continent, he chose to live in a simple apartment and cook his own meals, staying close to the poor’s suburbs.

My people are poor and I am one of them”, he has said more than once. Over his work of 20 years, he has always advised his priests to show mercy and to open their doors to everyone. His speeches of social justice and human rights follow one simple principle: if you follow Christ, you understand that “trampling upon a person’s dignity is a serious sin”.

Papa Francesco

Pope Francis was elected Supreme Pontiff of the Christian Church on 13 March 2013.

In spite of being a pope, he has never lost his principles and he has started a process of bringing back the Church to its poverty and simplicity values.
The fact that he speaks to everybody, Christian and non Christian, together with his smiling and happy face, makes of him a beloved and highly respected person all over the world.

Pope Francis by Aurora

Find new ways to spread the word of God to every corner of the world,” pope Francis said once. If you are looking for a writing tool to keep your Christian values close to your heart and to spread the word, Pope Francis by Aurora sure is what you are looking for. By adhering to the values of poverty and simplicity embodied by pope Francis in is Franciscan inspiration, Aurora’s pen has a lean line and is made of simple materials.


Topped by a semiprecious stone, the cap is in sterling silver. It bears an incision representing the Christogram of Catholic Church – the papal symbol.
The body, dappled in a blue light, is made of a special material designed and created by Aurora. Its livery is a clear recall to the colors of Argentina, Pope Francis’ home country.

Pope Francis by Aurora is a limited series, available as fountain pen and rollerball. Each version has been issued in 936 pieces, that correspond to the year of birth of Pope Francis. The fountain pen comes with an ink bottle.

To complete the collection dedicated to pope Francis there is also the ballpoint pen, a special variation of the Ipsilon series in the same colors as the series dedicated to the Argentinian pope.

You can find Pope Francis by Aurora and other Aurora’s limited series dedicated to Christianity at  Giardino.it. Don’t miss it!


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