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Due to the extraordinary success of the Passaporto 15 Giardino – the Limited Edition distributed in 2011 to celebrate our 15th Anniversary of e-commerce – we wanted to re-propose again a new gift for our customers.

Passaporto Neve, la piccolina di Stipula in versione esclusiva color avorio

Passaporto Neve, the smallish Stipula in exclusive ivory-white version

This time there isn’t any special event: we just want to surprise our customers, take care of them and see that they remember to come back often to take a look…

Passaporto Neve

This Passaporto Neve (snow Passaporto), completely white, sligtly translucent, with golden trims, is not up for sale.
It is our gift for all customers.

Read more in our website.



1996 > 2012

Giardino Italiano celebrated its 16 years of e-commerce business.
Two years ago (15th anniversary) we began to celebrate with our customers; and due to such an important anniversary, we decided to give a pen, instead to sell it.
It’s the smallish Stipula fountain pen in our exclusive version, malachite green with fumé transparent barrel.

Come and see the Passaporto 15 in our website: it’s our gift for our loyal customers.



…but new gifts are going to arrive!

keep an eye on us!