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penninoSince the beginning of 2018, Visconti changed the compatibility of nibs and grips.
The great feature of all Visconti pens was the compatibility standard: a small size nib was perfectly exchangeable in all the pens that mounted a small nib, both steel or palladium. They had the same feeder, the same grip section, the same shape and size of the nib.

Therefore, we could happily unscrew the whole grip of a Van Gogh and mount it on a Rembrandt or a Michelangelo; or unscrew the 23 kt palladium nib group from a Homo Sapiens Steel Medium, and mount it on a Van Gogh, even if the Van Gogh usually mounts a steel nib.
Because they were compatible.

Pennini Piccoli acciaio o palladio

No longer, now.
Visconti renovated the small size steel nibs, modifying the insertion, the feeder, and therefore also the metal grip that holds it.

This means that we can’t unscrew the nib group any longer from an older pen and mount it on a new one, and vice-versa.
Only possible the new with a new, and the old with an old.

Pennini ConfrontoThe Rembrandt and Van Gogh series, that used to have the same metal grip section, still will have a metal grip, but the new model.
Cap and body don’t change, though. Therefore, buying the new nib with its own grip, you will be able to mount it on an old barrel.

All the Visconti pens with steel nib – from now on – will be made with the new nib, even if they are  old models.

The good news is that, despite its look, not particularly beautiful, this new nib writes terrifically. Very very very well, like a Lamy, I was told. It writes immediately, without any hesitation, certainly, smoothly and with a good feeling of fluency.


It will be available in the 3 classic grades: F, M, B, even if we don’t see the letters etched on the nib – not in front, nor in the back or on the edge, like other brands do.
The letters have been substituted by dots:

1 dot means Fine
2 dots means Medium
3 dots means Broad.

The F nib, however, will be much finer than the old one. For this reason, the current calligraphic EF nib won’t be produced anymore (also because it couldn’t be mounted on the new pens anymore)


Susanna Buffo
Giardino Italiano

3 Responses to “New Visconti steel nibs. Not compatible with the older ones.”

  1. Suzanne Geeves says:

    I hate the fine nib and want a broad one but I cannot take apart what I have on my Visconti van Gogh. What do I do ?

  2. Johan says:

    Yes, I tested the old and new steel nibs, and the new ones write so much better. Shame that they are not compatible anymore though.