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Chianti Classico Gallo NeroTo celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Consortium founded by Cosimo III – Grand Duke of Tuscany – in 1796, Omas has issued a tribute to one of the most famous Italian wines in the world: Chianti Classico. The pen bearing its name is made of oak and has been issued in a limited series. You can find it at Giardino Italiano. 


“Wine lifts the spirit and thought,
anxieties recede
the heart of Man.



Chianti - fiasco

If the stuffed flask was not enough to recall the name of one of the most famous wines in the world, its unmistakeable ruby color, so deep and intense, and its floral scent of violets and irises will do the rest. To praise its harmonious and dry flavor, sapid, are not only generations of Italians that were spoiled with the pleasures of good wine: known as “the Pride of Tuscany”, Chianti was validated by Hollywood in 1991 with a memorable quotation by Antony Hopkins in “The Silence of the Lambs.”

It’s not by chance that “Chianti” is one of the most famous wine names in the world.


Chianti Classico, the flavor of the hills of  Chianti


Many believe that Chianti and Chianti Classico are two names for the same wine: they are, indeed, two different DOCGs – the highest classification for Italian wines which denotes controlled production methods and guaranteed wine quality – for two different wines.

Both wines derive their name from the area where their grapes are grown. The rolling hills of Tuscany, with their gentle climate and fertile ground, are also populated by wonderful olive trees and cypresses. The area is comprised among Florence, the Pesa and Elsa valleys, the Chianti mountains and the city of Siena.




The lovely landscape of such areas is known for its beauty: such a land can’t possibly produce anything but superb fruits to the palate. The definition of Chianti Classico only applies if it is made of at least 80% Sangiovese grapes and the rest from other local red grapes.
To get the DOCG status, the wine must age at least 24 months, of which a minimum of 3 months must be in the bottle.


The origin of the Black Cock

Chianti Classico Gallo Nero

One of the distinctive marks of Chianti Classico is the Black Cock, an historical symbol of the Military League of Chianti. This was a military-political organization born in 1384 for the protection of the Chianti territory.
The origin of the symbol goes back to an old rivalry between the cities of Florence and Siena: as the story goes, the two cities agreed to end their hostilities with a challenge between two knights. The two dwellers would leave their city walls when the cock crows. Whomever would first reach the city walls of the opponent, would be the winner.

Siena’s people chose a white cock, while the people of Florence chose a black cock. The white cock was well fed, while the black cock was starved. The day of the challenge, the black cock started to crow early because he was starving, allowing the knight from Florence to leave earlier and win the challenge.
Since then, the Black Cock was taken as a lucky symbol for the lands of Chianti.


Chianti Classico by Omas

From wine to pens.
Omas reinterpreted the flavor and character of Chianti Classico with a series of pens in a limited edition of 716 fountain pens with piston filler and 300 roller pens, both individually numbered. The series was made as a tribute to the 300th anniversary of the foundation of the Chianti Consortium, upon concession of Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo III.

The pen bears all the distinctive symbols of Chianti Classico. The barrel is made from oak barriques where Chianti is left to age: from a single barrique, the wood is turned and shaped into a cylinder.

Chianti-Barrique Chianti_tornio

Finishes are made of 925‰ silver.

The head of the cap is engraved with the Black Cock symbol, while the clip is decorated with vine leaves.
The ring bears the 1716 number, the year of the foundation of the Consortium.
A map of the ‘Chiantishire’ is reproduced on the steel pen.
Finally, the serial number is engraved on the bottom of the pen.


Each pen comes with a wooden box that resembles the wine casque.

By drinking wine, men improve: they make good business, they win suits, they are happy and help their friends,” Aristophanes said.
Someone also said that behind good writing there is always a good glass of wine.
Hence, don’t miss Chianti Classico by Omas: you can find it at Giardino.it (inspiration included).
It will be distributed at the end of October 2015.


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