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Quality leather, practical design and style: these is what leather goods by Nava stands out for. Nava has been an icon of the Milanese style in the world since the Seventies.
And now you can order Nava’s best collections of handbags, briefcases and clipboards with a simple click of the mouse: Giardino Italiano has been recently approved as a reseller for the brand.


Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.

Steve Jobs


Leather goods: between art and practicality in modern life

Brand Nava was born in Italy in 1970 and made of design its strength ever since.
The most famous designers in the international scene have created iconic objects for Nava. Some of these creations are, in facts, considered pieces of art and exhibited at the most important modern art museums in the world. Products by Nava show a delicate balance among aesthetics, practicality and quality of materials: they are designed for every day’s urban life, and hold our cellphones, tablets and laptops at its center. Nava’s products are smart, practical and stylish.


And there is no better testimonial than Susanna Buffo, Giardino Italiano’s CEO: since she was given a diary by Nava as a present, she has never abandoned it.
I’m a loyal customer of Nava’s diaries – she claims –. One of my suppliers gave me weekly diary ‘Settegiorni’ in the early Eighties and I was lovestruck. I  immediately loved everything about it: readable, practical, easy-to-use, stylish… and I also loved such details as the sticky pocket in the inside front cover. It was just perfect for me. The following year I had to use a different one and I missed its usability, most of all: I hate ribbons as book markers as much as I hate spirals in an organizer.
Since then, I have always bought Nava’s diary every start of the new year; it is now a rite – to hand-copy names and addresses from the old one to the new one.

“There have been years I couldn’t find one and I used other brands’ – Susanna admits -, but I’ve always bought it again the next year. And I stuck to  ‘Settegiorni’: the others are not the same. From there, I bought other objects by Nava, such as briefcases and PC-cases. However, everything started with that diary as a business present.”

And then, here are some hints to get caught as easily as that with Nava’s leather goods.

Naoto’s handbags

Tote Bag

These women’s handbags bear the unmistakable mark of their creator, Japanese designer Naoto Fukusawa.
Minimal and vintage in style, Naoto’s handbags are made of soft leather and are masterpieces by Fukusawa Design. As a matter of fact, Naoto Fukusawa’s projects are behind other successful objects by several famous Italian brands, such as Artemide, Boffi and Vitra.


Fukusawa was awarded the title of Honorable Royal Designer for Industry from the Royal Society of Arts and some of his creations are actually part of the permanent collections at MOMA in New York.
If you believed it impossible to have one of his creations in your hands, Giardino Italiano makes it real: here you can find some of the available models of Naoto’s handbags and their details.

Easy clipboards

The Easy line by Nava includes products that are suitable for a first approach to the brand.
Thanks to their excellent value for money, the models from the Easy line are highly efficient and show a neat and contemporary look.
Easy clipboards feature a superior attention to detail and a smart use of space: however, if you think their look is their only strength, you will change your mind at first use.


Details about these little brainy masterpieces – available from Giardino Italiano – are here.

City briefcases and backpacks


No other name than ‘City’ could identify with the concept of ‘Urban mobility’ that is at the core of this line of products by Nava.


Architect Sabina Betti, from Bologna, created the City line. Betti is an expert in architectural studies, a photographer and a painter, well known as in Italy as well as abroad. She lives and works between Bologna and Venice: who can, better than a commuting professional, understand the needs of the professional traveller? Her passion for design objects led her to design herself some luggage and travel items that stand out by ergonomics, soft leather materials, practicality, strength and a sober and elegant style. These are ideal for any commuter, be it the classy or the sporty type, no matter the means of transport used – from train to scooter.
The City line has all you need: pockets for your laptop, smartphone and tablet, security straps to prevent its content to be lost of damaged during transport.

In Giardino Italiano’s website you’ll find some of the available models of backpacks and briefcases from Nava’s City line.
Before you leave for your summer holidays, treat yourself with leather goods by Nava: it’s not just ‘leather goods’. Click & pick your favorites from Giardino.it.



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