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Wood and seawater: from the still sapphire waters of the Caribbean to the big waves of the Northern seas, the reference to the adventures of true or imaginary ships and vessels lays within. The books and logbooks telling of the great captains stories ooze with scents of wood and sea salt. Several are the pens inspired by them, starting with the Sea Wood collection by Delta, made of wood and resin.

At Giardino.it you can discover all the pens made of wood whose scents and colours awake emotions as deep as the abysses of the sea.


The woods call to us with a hundred voices, but the sea has one only — a mighty voice that drowns our souls in its majestic music.” 
― L.M. MontgomeryAnne’s House of Dreams


Sea Wood by Delta

If Melville put a pen in Captain Achab’s hand, that would be a Sea Wood by Delta. You can almost picture him writing his logbook in the dim light of an oil lamp, his wooden leg resting at his side, while the Pequod rolls on the waves at night, waiting for white whale Moby Dick to appear in Nantucket’s waters.
Thanks to its precious wood and special horn-like resin, Sea Wood by Delta perfectly fits the picture of the adventure novel that most combines the depths of the soul and those of the sea, including their ghastly monsters.

Brown and ivory hues merge in this pen, creating a unique material whose finishings are made of rhodium. This is a pen whose essence is solemn and essential, like Achab. It has been issued as a fountain pen, roller pen and ballpoint pen.

Delta Sea Wood

Delta Sea Wood fountain pen – light wood

Sea Wood by Delta

Delta Sea Wood roller – dark wood

The particularity of this pen lays in its filling system, combining a piston and a converter. The piston mechanism for the aspiration of the ink is activated by twisting off the bottom. The piston is grafted screw, and the pen can also be refilled by standard cartridges.

The nib is available in steel or  Fusion (18-karat gold and spring steel).

The wood used for the pen’s body is made of Iroko wood, an extremely hard wood which is obtained by the Clorophora trees from the forests of equatorial Africa. This is one of the most resistant woods to sea salt, and for that it is also used to build ships. You can discover all the features of Sea Wood by Delta in the website of Giardino.it.

Amerigo Vespucci by Delta

Delta is also the maker of a limited-edition pen made of the wood from the ‘Amerigo Vespucci‘, the most prestigious training ship of the Italian navy. Both ship and pen are a homage to the great Italian explorer and cartographer who told of the marvels and hardships of his sailings to the Americas in his “Letters from the new World.

Delta Amerigo Vespucci

Delta Amerigo Vespucci, Limited Edition


It’s not difficult to see the references to the ship: the pen’s wooden cap and blue-resin body reflect all the hues of the sea waves and the same style of the ship.  You can get the details on this wonderful example of Italian-style pen from Giardino Italiano’s website.

The adventures in the Caribbean Sea

If you prefer the Caribbean adventures by Robert Louis Stevenson and his stories of ‘buccaneers and buried gold‘ on Treasure Island, have a look at D-Parmy’s pens, whose precious woods inlays seem to be drawn by wind.


D-Parmy – La Premiere

Storia’s pens, instead, feature tapered ends  that seem perfect for a dive into the sea abyss to seek the Nautilus and its legendary Captain Nemo.

Storia Fossil

Storia – Fossil wood pen

The design of E-Motion pens by Faber-Castell, on the contrary, reminds of Columbus’ caravels that discovered the Americas.

Faber-Castell – E-motion Wood, ballpen

And what about Cohiba pens by Omas? They make the perfect pen for irresistible Captain Sparrow’s adventures in the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Omas Cohiba

Omas – Cohiba 2014, ruthenium finishing

And it’s the most intriguing captain of the Caribbean that is sneaking you a tip for the pens due in Autumn: Omas is about to launch a new pen called Montecristo by mid September. Pirate’s word.

You can find all the news and updates at Giardino.it. It’s the case to say… at it, lads!


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