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Passaporto Neve, the pocket fountain pen with ink dropper by Stipula, is now offered as an exclusive gift for Giardino Italiano’s customers to celebrate the coming of Spring


Giardino Italiano, one of the best on-line traders in Italian style objects and Made-in-Italy brands, is offering as an exclusive gift to its customers a rare ivory&gold tint edition of a pocket fountain pen with ink dropper: Passaporto Neve by Stipula, which is not available for sale, is a stylish homage to the Spring arrival.


Winter is almost over and, to celebrate the coming of Spring, Giardino Italiano is offering a gift to its customers: Passaporto Neve, a pocket fountain pen in this ivory and gold color limited edition, which is not normally available for sale. Passaporto is in fact one of the items already in stock in the giardino.it catalog, in different editions, varying from Neve (“neve” is the Italian for “snow”) for color and details.

Passaporto Neve

Passaporto Neve, la piccolina di Stipula in versione esclusiva color avorio

Passaporto Neve, the Stipula’s smallish pen in exclusive ivory resin version

This elegant fountain pen owes its success to its tiny size, its minimal design and the absence of clips, making it an ideal pen to be held in a pocket or a women’s pochette with no risk of getting caught up with clothes, papers or other objects. This feature gave the pen its name: Passaporto, translating “passport” in English.

Passaporto Neve can give a distinctive touch to everyday life: the use of a fountain pen in every occasion is now possible, without feeling inappropriate. Its size – 3.54 inches in length with cap and 3.34 inches cap off – and its smooth line fit perfectly even in a small woman’s hand.

Passaporto Neve comes in a elegant red box with an ink dropper: the pen’s body acts as an ink reservoir, a feature allowing this pen to contain more ink than a normal fountain pen, despite its tiny size. A security closure seals the pen hermetically, so to prevent ink leakage.
This pen is also designed for the insertion of a small ink cartridge otherwise. Passaporto is made by Stipula, a prestigious Italian brand.

The gift

Giardino Italiano is offering Passaporto Neve as a gift to clients placing an order from the value of € 400,00. For orders from a value of € 200.00, the pen is available with a small contribution. When the on-line basket reaches those amounts while placing an order, the pen will automatically become available for selection.

The offer is valid as long as the pen is in stock.


Simona Gauri
for Giardino Italiano



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