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Meeting Italian producers

Meeting producers of the “Bella Italia” pens

I’ve been today at the CARTEXPO exhibition in Milan where I met some of the most famous Italian producers. I enjoyed watching all those delightful pens and collected some information about new product in the pipe (that you will find soon on Giardino Italiano’s site).


The Montegrappa team at the exhibition:left to right, Mr. Falco, me, Mr. Prada, Ms. Trento and Mr. Dario Aquila (Sales Manager)


At MONTEGRAPPA I had not the chance to meet Mr. Stallone: what a pity!
I would have personally congratulate for the gorgeous Chaos, a real piece of art.

However, the deep, warm “Voice” of Sinatra distracted me from my disappointment:
the new 2012 L.E., with its pinstriped black mantel, is unmistakably Thirties.


Then Memoria  in precious silver – satin finishing or linedrawing engraved – and resin – black or ivory.  A large family of beautiful pens.

Finally, two collections of products that complete the Montegrappa offer: the Cufflinks range inspired to the limited editions – I felt in love with the “microphone” dedicated to Sinatra – and the Nero-Uno Lifestyle – a collection of coordinated watches, leather goods and cufflinks.



At Columbus stall: me with Mr. and Mrs. Franco


A special version of the COLUMBUS Tangoin a velvet black or burgundy resin will be soon available on our site – exclusively on our site – aside the classical colors of this ringed pen.


Mr. Esposito and me.



MARLEN is hardly working on a new revolutionary model, but I was not able to get any anticipation: it’s “top secret”.
Curious? Plan a visit to the Basel exhibition later this year.


Mr. Di Maio jr. , Mr. Di Maio sr., and me


Rediscover Pompei is the new yellow streaked pen dedicated by DELTA to the famous roman city destroyed by the Vesuvio on 79 a.c.
Rediscover Pompei

For those of you intrigued by the new color I can only suggest this article.

The new pen will be soon available together with the Blue Moon, an amazing new red/blue variegated celluloid for the classical Gallery numbered edition.

Those of you who combine the love for fountainpens with the attraction for sport cars will be delighted of the new MOMO type whose windowed metal cap is obtained from a solid barrel. I saw a solid gold version that was as expensive as a (small) car…

Delta also announced two new colors for the Italiana and presented a new line of unisex quilt leather goods: briefcases, wallets and a safe-case for iPad. The white color is extremely chic. Also this leather range as all Delta’ product is 100% handmade in Italy.


Mrs. Verona and me at Aurora stall


Also AURORA unrevealed some exciting news. The first I would present is entirely dedicated to the “Bella Italia”: the new Ipsilon Italia pens reproduced the color of our flag and is well characterized by a three-colored ring.
The Style range is enriched with two new materials: the sumptuous bronze and the stylish black matt.


me, pointing to the new Demonstrator Nera!

The real anticipation is the extraordinary Demonstrator Nera , based on the 88 line, where all trims and even the gold nib are coated with precious matt black ruthenium to enhance its stability, with a new special process ; the result is outstanding. However, it will be available in two-three months…

Aurora is enhancing also the NETTUNO range introducing the limited edition Docet Anniversario to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the prestigious Italian brand. Marbled celluloid, classic shape, 4 charming colors: it’s easy to foresee a great success.

Well … stay tuned with us to get more information and availability of all those wonderful products


P.S. I saw also some thrilling news, coming from Switzerland. I think they will land in our website in short time.

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  2. yaron shamban says:

    Susana-a very interesting blog.Keep on writing and inform all of us about the upcoming pens.
    Best regards!

    yaron Shamban

  3. Beau Hardy says:

    Love the Delta Pompei! Great report and a great job in making pen collecting this much fun!

  4. Platao de Barros Jr. says:

    I’m glad to know your news and to look at
    the beautiful italian pens and new products.
    Thank you. Best wishes from Brazil.
    Platao Barros Jr.

  5. Fernando Serratosa says:

    Nice news!

    If you meet in future the Parafernalia guys, please encourage them to improve the qality of their wooden stands. It doesn’t match the quality of their products.

  6. Chan C hee Seng says:

    Many thanks, very well presented. Looking forwards for the launching of this
    new products.

  7. Don Kusterer says:

    What is the cost in dollars of the Italia Ipsilon?