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cappuccioVisconti’s entry-level model enriches with a new color, quite different from the previous ones.
Fainter, less bright, and especially not rhodium finished, like almost all the pens of that level. The new green/black is cloudy and shaded, and PVD black trims.

Visconti launched the Rembrandt in 2009, with black, red, blue and ivory colors; featuring great brightness and slight shades of colors that, otherwise, were unvarying.
In 2012 a new color (orange) was added, and afterwards the violet.

In 2016,  here is the new color, a shaded green/grey/black, that seems darker due to the black PVD finishings; not only the central ring and the pens’ grip, but also the clip and even the nib are black!

Rembrandt Visconti

Steel nib, PVD black, available in Fine, Medium and Broad; cartridge/converter filling system; magnetic closure of the cap.
Also available as roller, rollergraphic (a roller tip with fountain pen’s ink), and ballpen.
Available for sale in Giardino Italiano.


Visconti Rembrandt


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