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Visconti ClassicVisconti re-proposes the Classic series, which was the very first series made by the Florentine company almost 30 years ago in 1988.
The latest Visconti’s “entry level” pen features the same sober and clean line, the same clip shape, even the same colors, at affordable price.

Visconti re-launched its first pen, which was made in 1998 just after the company’s foundation. The original Classic was made of celluloid, in several colors, and costed 160,000 Italian liras, that was quite a lot of money, at that time.

Now, the new Classic is made of acrilic resin, in the same colors as the first one, both marbled and pearly. In fact, we can see very beautiful marbled resins: a deep brown, a blue-and-nut, a deep red, and also black and deep blue.  The pearly colors are orange, green and blue, all slightly shaded and translucent.


Visconti proudly highlights that not only colors and models are the same, but also the price: the fountain pen, in fact, costs 80 euros, which actually  corresponds to 160,000 Italian old Liras of thirty years ago.

To tell the truth, the pen is not exactly the same.
It’s made with resin, and not with celluloid. Its nib is steel, and not gold. All these elements would considerably modify its price, though, because a gold nib currently costs approx 100 to 300 euros, depending on the brand and the size.
However, the buying power changed too, in the latest 30 years. The original Classic fountain pen costed approx 1/4 or 1/5 of a basic monthly salary.
Now, a pen whose list price is 80 euros (approx 90$) is considered a good daily writing instruments, to be used everyday everywhere, yet with the Italian style and quality that distinguish Visconti production.

The Classic pens arrive to the dealer packed in 12-pieces trays, in varied colors, with no chance to choose them; therefore, it’s easy to understand that we’ll shortly see the favourite-color hunt.

Don’t wait. They will be available from next week, and you can already  book them in Giardino Italiano.

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