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Romeo 1931 Luxury

Historical Italian stationery shop Romeo 1931 was founded in Florence in 1931 by Mr. Guido Romeo, and it was the starting point of a 80-year  story.  Now we offer the leatherwear by ‘Romeo 1931 Luxury’  in a new modern look but in the pursuance of their excellent quality and know how. 

You can book their new creations at Giardino Italiano’s website, where you’ll find already three high-class briefcases you’ll immediately fall in love with: Cosimo, Lorenzo and Polimanager.

Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

Dr. Hemmet Brown in “Back to the Future”

Where it all began

Let’s pretend to be the Italian Marty McFly and go back to the Florence of 1931.
In the heart of Florence, in the core of the XVI century scenario recalling to the Renaissance’s glories of the city, a building that faces Piazza della Signoria opens the way to Via della Condotta. Here, in the shadow of the magnificence of the Medici’s lordship, Mr. Guido Romeo and his family have just opened their artisans’ stationery shop. Working for some of the most influential families of Florence, this small family business would become one of the most wanted provider for refined taste and stylish stationery products in town. At this time, Romeo’s clientele consists of aristocrats, foreigners and professionals seeking unique high-quality products. The workshop will soon get famous for its attention to detail, beauty of materials and the wide range of products offered.

Back to the future of leatherwear

detail of the back of Polimanager briefcase

Let’s now go back to date. Stationery has changed a lot since then: the fashion of finely handwritten papers and expensive fountain pens has not disappeared, yet they are very easily accompanied by a tablet and a smartphone, or a light and essential laptop for the everyday’s needs of modern men and women. Be it at university or at a conference, or just to go to the office every morning, style is not enough if you want a functional and practical briefcase.
The good news is that you don’t have to choose between style and functionality.
Romeo 1931 Luxury has thought about that. Pursuing the mastery of Mr. Romeo and his family in the same spirit of 1931, Mr. Luigi Poli, current owner of the company, has given a modern twist to the artisan nature of these incredible products and added leatherwear to their offer.
Today as yesterday, Romeo 1931 Luxury’s  goods collection is entirely hand-made and the company creates models of incomparable beauty for each hand bag.

Outstanding details

The perfect sewings, the superior quality of metal inserts – resistant to intense everyday’s usage -, the zips that smoothly slide without corrupting…

detail of Cosimo briefcase's deer leather

All of these are not only aesthetic details: they are elements designed to be highly practical and extremely resistant.
This includes the pieces of woven leather, that yes, are made in Italy, but are specifically made in Florence.

detail of black wowen leather

Leather is full, that means years of usage won’t spoil it: unlike cheaper leatherwear, the signs of age on your Romeo 1931 Luxury bag will add charme and elegance to your briefcase, without affecting its functioning.

When you have a Romeo 1931 Luxury, time and spoilage are your last worries: deer leather distinguishes itself for being particularly resistant to scratches and flaws, despite being super-light. The result? A super-light, strong and ultra-resistant bag which is also beautiful. 

Cosimo and Lorenzo, a homage to the Medici’s

Cosimo and Lorenzo are two briefcases by Romeo 1931 Luxury that are a clear homage to the dynasty of the Medici’s family, rulers of Florence over the Italian Renaissance. To them the city of Florence owe the prestige and the fine taste for the arts.


Cosimo de’ Medici, also known as ‘Cosimo the Elder’ and ‘Cosimo father of the Nation’ was a wealthy banker who became a great patron of learning, the arts and architecture. His name is derived from Greek ‘Kosmas’, with the meaning of ‘methodical’, ‘disciplined’, ‘decent’. The root of the name recalls both the verbs ‘organise’ and ‘adorn’, that perfectly synthesise both the Medicean character and the briefcase bearing his name:  Cosimo is a classy and practical handbag that makes the perfect organiser. It is available in different colours and pattern decorations: check it out immediately at Giardino.it.

Cosimo bags, by Romeo 1931 Luxury


Lorenzo de’ Medici, known as ‘Lorenzo the Magnificent’ (Lorenzo il Magnifico), was a magnate and politician, patron of scholars, artists and poets.  He is known to the world for sponsoring artists as Botticelli and Michelangelo, and his death coincided with the end of the Golden Age of Florence (and peace). The origin of the name is Latin ‘Laurentius’, from the laurel plant. The name translates into English with Laurent.
Like the name suggests, Lorenzo is a hand bag midway from the purse and the briefcase. The zip that wraps the bag, when unfastened, doubles the bag’s size. Useful and finely finished, it reminds of the heights of the cultured character it is dedicated to.

Lorenzo, expandable bag by Romeo 1931 Luxury



This is the perfect hand bag for professionals, featuring two bellows and a lock to protect the content. The handles add comfort and practicality to this modern briefcase with a classical look. Polimanager is available in full grain leather (deer) or woven leather, in black or dark brown.

Polimanager briefcase by Romeo 1931 Luxury

Polimanager briefcases in woven leather, by Romeo 1931 Luxury

Reserve your Romeo’s leatherwear

The privilege to own a briefcase by Romeo 1931 Luxury doesn’t come any longer with the physical trip to Florence: as Dr. Hemmet Brown said in ‘Back to the Future’, we don’t need roads to travel in space and time to buy one. It’s much easier to reserve your leatherwear hand bag from Giardino Italiano‘s website.



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