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Fancying jewels? Now you can effortlessly refresh your look with all the colours, shapes and influences of Zoppini Gioielli‘s creations and its youth brand Manuel Zed‘s. At Giardino Italiano great offers and maxi discounts on rubber bands and iron, semi-precious stones, ceramics, bronze and silver collections by the brand… up to 40% off. And all with the quality of made-in-Italy products.
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Costume jewellery is not made to give women an aura of wealth,
but to make them beautiful
― Coco Chanel


Not only diamonds…


Over the centuries jewels embodied different roles: magic symbols, power display and wealth, belonging to a social class or an expression of feelings.
Today jewellery is often an array of experimental art, redefining the same concept of jewel.
Yet, jewels have been historically mystified.
We use to think that they are a prerogative of the wealthier and that precious stones are the only ‘significant’ stones.
In facts, the history of jewellery tells another story which is too often neglected…

The myth of the jewel for the wealthy


Today what remains as a testimony of ancient jewels is only the most extraordinary handcrafts ever been preserved: jewels were kept from the most wealthy families, handed down from generation to generation.  Otherwise we can see sacred jewels, preserved by religious authorities as masterpieces or relics.
Popolar jewels, instead, seem had never existed.
The reason for this is that popolar jewels, being amenable to vicissitudes of life, have been more easily sold or destroyed or reshaped according to fashion. These continual transformations and handling caused the lack of durability of the popolar jewel, acting as a pure enamel or a family record.

It’s not for this reason, though, that costume jewellery is less present, especially in everyday life, as an accessory for all women willing to add a touch of class, colour or mystery to their style.

About age…

Costume jewels have no age. Often, the first jewels we wear have a huge value in terms of affection. That’s the case of fashion wristlets Tiffany by Manuel Zed, standing out for their vivid colours (red, light blue, white, black and fuchsia) and their heart-shaped rubber pendant matching a little steel heart.


Here the jewel is not only a frill to be shown but also a life companion, absorbing joys and sorrows in our daily life from our skin. And, not to mention, Tiffany can be worn by the teenage as well as the young at heart.
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Seasonal collections

For those willing to maintain a gritty and standing style, instead, collections by Zoppini Gioielli offer materials and models that refashion every season, so that you can change your look over time, over seasons, and over your personal moods. Well, a diamond might be for life but… transforming and adapting your look so that you can always feel at ease according to the situation – with no follies – had its unique charme.


(Picture above: a necklace of Coffee collection by Zoppini, made in steel with rose gold plated and bronze plated details, shaped like coffe beans – 50% OFF )

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