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It was a great success.
The new shape, squared but rounded (they called it “the quadrature of the circle”), the new stunning celluloid, ringed and translucent, with several color shades, the ideal proportions, the innovative filling system, the beautiful colors: all these aspects contributed to its success.

The Wall Street collection was launched more than 10 years ago; first as Limited Edition, and then as Regular Edition, with different features, both in sizes and in the filling system. And it immediately was a success.
The Limited Edition, despite of large numbers (4000 fountain pens each color) sold out in few years.

The regular edition is now discontinued, and the last pieces left are available until the stock lasts.


Thus, if you want to catch a wonderful pen, that made a piece of Visconti’s history, I’m afraid this could be your last chance.
The grey one is already sold out, only red and green are still available.

A few pieces are still for sale in Giardino Italiano.


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