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Another historical brand enriches now our section dedicated to international pens producers: KAWECO.

The German company is one of the oldest producers in the pen’s business, with more than 125 years of experience.  Kaweco’s writing instruments aim to the equilibrium among tradition, innovation, original shapes and greatest precision.
Giardino.it proposes three models of the timeless Sport series, designed in the 1911: Kaweco Sport, which was destined to leave a sign in the pens’ world.

pubbliciità vintagekaweco-tradition_undkaweco-kaweco_appellkaweco-kaweco_1929

“Small in the pocket, big in the hand” : this was the Kaweco description in an old advertising, and it’s absolutely true:

A Kaweco capped…

… and open !

capped, it’s only 10,5 cm length, and opened 13,5 cm.

A white Kaweco Sport without clip


The clip, gold or chromium plated, can be totally customized along the body and can also be removed.

After the first weeks of “introductory offer”, when the clip came for free, now clips are purchasable apart as accessories.


Kaweco Sport AL in deep grey

Kaweco Sport AC

Kaweco Sport AC with carbon fiber inserts

The Classic Sport is not only practical and original, but is precise, strong and reliable too.

Polished resin (black, white, burgundy) for the body of the Classic versions, and aluminium for the AL and AC version ( chromium-plated or satin/ 3 colors with carbon elements), octagonal section with rounded extremities.

Steel nibs are 23 kt gold-plated, with iridium point; cartridge filled.

Kaweco Sport Classic collection also includes a large lead pencil, while the AL and AC versions include a ballpen.

scatola Kaweco

the nice vintage tin of Kaweco Classic

Kaweco comes in a nice vintage tin box, the only detail that reminds the real age of this pen which looks so modern.

Giardino Italiano used to sell only Italian pens, but recently an International section was added, with a few foreign brands, to enrich offer and offer bigger choice to customers.

Kaweco pens are available in the International Pens section of Giardino Italiano.


Tommaso Locatelli De Maestri
Giardino Italiano


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