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Taj Mahal 1996

Some of the most beautiful achievements of Visconti are wrapped in a precious shell of gold filigree. This is a specialty of Visconti, unique and very, very exclusive.

The Visconti goldsmith laboratory produces new luxurious and refined models every year. These models rise from the unconstrained imagination and the great skill of Florentine goldsmiths, which find a privileged field in pens. And they couldn’t be born in any other place than in Florence, where the skill of the goldsmith was born centuries ago and the passionate craftsmanship is a daily habit.
The high prices of these pens restrict the number of fortunate buyers, but trust me, using one of these objects is a pleasure, a feeling of luxury as few other.

Istos Aracnis


The collection Istos Aracnis (in Greek = the spider web) is decorated in Liberty-style (or ArtNouveau), with a spider moving on a precious web. The web – massive, heavy relief, fretworked – is in sterling silver and lacquered in white, and the spider is in black. A fine gold work.

The version in old gold 750 is not lacquered but finely engraved on the entire front surface of the decoration, for a great black-gold effect in contrast with the barrel of natural resin.
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The Medina pen is turned from ivory resin, with marbled deep green resin cap. The decoration, the whole focus of the pen, is the  wonderful vermeil casting (gold-plated silver) on the barrel, representing the doors of the “Blessed House” where the Prophet is buried.

Its clip is a stylized shape of the many columns on the inside of the Mosque. Its cap is decorated with a large ring with motifs from the same doors, in harmony with body.
(Look at the website)

Venetia argento


Venetia makes you live a little emotion, the feeling that Venice and his world are right here in your hands, a masterpiece of icons and symbols, with its canals, gondolas, bridges, up to its windows (who visited Venice knows what I mean.)

The fretworked and chiselled shell that covers the frame is in vermeil (gold-plated sterling silver) or sterling silver 925, finely decorated with Venetian architecture designs.
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Nozze Principe Alberto di Monaco


On July 2, 2011, the Principality of Monaco celebrated the marriage of Albert II of Monaco and Miss Charlene Wittstock. A historic moment.

The pen is made of vegetal ivory resin and the barrel is covered by a precious handmade silver filigree, 18 Kt rose gold plated. The filigree reproduces the crown of the Principality of Monaco, with the official logo of the wedding – interlaced A and C – and the typical rhombus decoration of the Principality.
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All these pens are equipped with the new Dreamtouch 23Kt palladium nib . This provides an exciting writing experience.

Scatola Medina

Box Venetia vermeil

The boxes of these  pens  worth a mention too.
From the simplest box of the Istos Aracnis, climbing up to the amazing packaging of  Venetia and Medina.

Box Nozze Principe Alberto

All these boxes predispose us to enjoy the luxurious surprise they’re treasuring, and are an integral part of the luxurious experience gifted from pens.


Giardino Italiano 

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