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Mistery at Pompeii

Rediscover PompeiThe Pompeian red was not red! Complying this extraordinary scientific discovery, Delta had to adapt, creating a new collection – Rediscover Pompei – obviously in yellow, twenty years after the first pen; which was red, of course.



AffrescoSome researchers have recently shown that the background material of the walls of some houses of Pompeii and Herculaneum were yellow ocher, and the original color was eventually changed to red by the action of heat produced by the smoke of the volcano during the eruption. Thus, the so-called “Pompeian red” color complements now the new “Pompeian yellow”.

The incredible news already spread all over the world, and gave inspiration to Delta to create a new “Pompei” Numbered collection, dutifully using “yellow” as basis for the chromaticism of beautiful and precious celluloid: the Rediscover Pompei


Here they are, the Rediscover.
From outside, only the code distinguishes the two fountain pens in the collection. The cover of the box reproduces a fresco in Pompeii, and is protected by a sheet of transparent material.
(Nice box! Could I replace the picture with a nice photo of mine, and use it as jewelry box? – I think to myself while I open the cover).

And here they are, finally: yellow, and streaked with black veins.

Rediscover Grande


Rediscover Slim


Absolutely the same livery, but they look so different! The large one looks aggressive and masculine, while the slim one seems female and charming. How is it possible? Yet this is what I feel at first sight, and holding them.

The Rediscover Pompei Slim is perfect for my style of writing: regular size and weight, and balanced proportions; and it gives all the pleasure of celluloid to the touch.

The Rediscover Pompei Large calls for a firmer grip and grind letters without tiring your hand.

The central ring is made in sterling silver for both versions, further enriched by a strong rhodium plating; the ancient Pompeian “Greek” is engraved in relief.

The clip – pure rhodium plated – features the classic wheel for easy plug-in pocket.

The nib is 14 kt gold, rhodium-plated for both versions (Large and Slim), but made in different sizes, suitable for the size of the pen.

As I said above, the two fountain pens differ in size and also in the filling system.
Rediscover PompeiThe large one features the fixed piston filling system, is 148 mm long, and max diameter of the central ring is 18 mm.
Open, with cap posted back, it’s 164 mm long, and the grip approx tapers from 14 to 12 mm of diameter *.
The Slim one adopts a cartridge/converter filling system, is 142 mm long, and the max diameter to the central ring is 16 mm.
Open, with cap posted back, it’s 150 mm long, and the grip approx  tapers from 12 to 10 mm of diameter*

The collection is completed by a ballpen and a roller of same materials and dimensions of the Slim version. The roller has a removable cap while the ball has a twist mechanism.

La Rediscover Pompei comes in an elegant wood box, with a free bottle of Delta ink.


This new Pompei is very elegant; like all celluloid pens, each pen is unique due to the variegated pattern. Both versions are well proportionate and feature nibs of ideal size.
The Slim version suits also women’s hands and does not look out-of-place among the elegant accessories of a woman manager.
The Regular is an excellent writing instrument to use – and admire – everyday.
Both pens are eligible for our March promotion, and come with a free piece of small Delta leather goods, all month-long. Don’t wait!
Giardino Italiano

* measured by ourself

6 Responses to “Mistery at Pompeii”

  1. BIrwin says:

    I have the Grand with a stub nib. I don’t know why they get advertised as a man’s pen as they’re perfect for a woman with small hands who likes larger pens. They hold a lot of ink and write beautifully. The darker gray ink in the Iroshizuku ink line goes beautifully with the black veins in the pen!

  2. Bob says:

    Glad to see that the Pompei Red mystery has finally been resolved.

  3. Ali says:

    Thank you email to Ali that I am sharing this site please send pompy pen prices of items to Iran is how much? With this philosophy doctoral student A. West