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Giardino Italiano turns 15 years

With the sale of fountain pens, but also watches, leather goods and jewelry, Giardino Italiano celebrating the 15th anniversary of e-commerce initiatives and preparing gifts for clients, both on site and on Facebook

1996-2011 – Giardino Italiano celebrates 15 years of online sales.

One of the few cases in Italy of e-commerce site of the origins of the Internet, even when the modem connection start whistling the 14.4 or 28.8 (by), and Italy were the only provider in Italy Video On Line and On Line.

“We started selling fountain pens in 1996,” says Susanna Buffo, managing director of the company “and since then we never stopped. We talked of selling on the Internet even when many in Italy did not even know what it was, because our customers were 90 % foreigners. ”

On the Giardino Italiano site are now on sale watches, leather goods, jewelry and accessories, but the pens are still the main business.
The catalog of Giardino Italiano counts 19 major brands of pens, with more than 180 collections to choose from.

For this important anniversary are planned several initiatives to enhance the brands and customer loyalty.
There will also be a special gift, for customers. It ‘already seen a preview of Facebook, who is enrolled as a fan of the page: it is a fountain pen, of course, specially made exclusively by a leading Italian brands of pens.
And who does not have Facebook accounts? It can still subscribe to our mailing list to receive notice when your gift will be available, and how to get it.

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