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Agende Delta/Markiaro

December: time of presents, sharing, holidays and appointments… turning point of an ending cycle, soon starting over. The thickness of  pages in diaries is thinning day after day, and paper is no longer enough to keep track of all our notes. If you are seeking a stylish gift, yet useful and comfy, Giardino Italiano is suggesting their clients some personal organizers as a part of an elegant, warmth-colored leatherwear line: Markiaro, an exclusive set of leather goods by Delta Dolcevita, 100% made-in-Italy certified.

Markiaro comprehends an excellent selection of items for your presents to friends, beloved and colleagues, inspired in design and colours to Dolcevita series of pens by Delta: elegant and clean lines, soft materials for superior comfort, all in solid orange and solid black tints with contrast refinements, recalling their pens’ style.


And there’s even more: Markiaro offers a wide choice of items other than personal organisers and agendas.

portapenne portafogli - wallet portacarte di credito

For men and women, Markiaro leatherwear suits all pockets by their selection of handmade quality products, all of them made in Italy: briefcases and bags, collectors, lady wallets and man wallets, pen cases fitting 12 or 40, leather portfolio and notepad holders, pocket penholders fitting 1 or 2.
Of course, each product matches in style with Delta’s fountain pens and rollers of the Dolcevita series.


Any bugs? Yes, one:

Markiaro items are selling quickly. Some of the items are, indeed, sold-out already. If you wish to catch your perfect present, make sure you get your item now, from Giardino.it.
In the website you can find plenty of details on each item.



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