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pennino FusionFor its 30th anniversary, Delta presents a new nib, fully covered by  international patent, which takes advantages of chemical-phisical differences between steel and gold.

Historically, the best material for nibs was always been gold, being it the noble metal par excellence, and the most resistant to ink’s corrosion.
However, technological developments have allowed the production of steel alloys which offer a similar – or better – writing experience than the gold ones, with a greater flexibility and mechanical resistance, and the same resistance to corrosion.
In spite of all, usually a steel nibbed fountain pen is considered as low value and modest appeal.

pennino Fusion DeltaFusion: the new nib, invented by Delta.

It’s composed by a combination of different materials (so far, steel and gold) that give better functionality, enhancing the chemical-physical properties of ink with an assembly system adapted to increase the efficiency of the pen itself..
Moreover, the fountain pen is more precious and less expensive.

The FUSION nib shows a “plate” of precious metal (gold, or palladium, or other noble alloys) which, due to its high features of thermal conductivity, will tend to heat the underlying metal (steel, titanium or other); the underlying metal, in turn, transfers heat to the ink in transit between the conductor and the tip of the nib.
The higher temperature makes the ink flow more smoothly.

All the while, the nib will show characteristics of strength and durability for long writing sessions higher than all-gold nibs’ ones.

The 1982-2012 series, with the Fusion nib

At the end of September, the Limited Edition for Delta’s 30th anniversary will be released: 1982-2012.
Made in marbled celluloid in 3 colors (brown, red and black), with lateral lever filling system.

Delta 1982-2012

Delta 1982-2012

Delta 1982-2012


Book your Delta 1982-2012 now; with a small down-payment (40 €), you’ll be sure to be the first to receive it, you can comfortably choose your favourite nib and you don’t have to pay the full amount of the pen in advance.
To thank you, besides, we’ll discount the same amount of the down-payment.
When you’ll finally order the pen, your deposit will be deducted twice.

The promotion is valid only until the actual release of the pen. It was forecasted for the second half of September.
Click here to take advantage of this offer.


Other pens with the Fusion nib

Delta Fusion 82

Fusion 82

We’ll shortly announce also  the Fusion 82: another  Delta pen which will feature the Fusion nib.
It’s a regular edition, in resin, with cartridge/converter filling system.
Here is a preview, on the left.


Delta Fusion One

Fusion One

On the right, it’s the Fusion One: regular edition, plain color, with cartridge/converter.
It’s forecasted for the beginning of October.

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