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Casa Milà by Stipula

Casa Milà, the new Stipula’s Limited Edition, is based on Etruria model and recalls several elements of the real Casa Milà (La Pedrera) in Barcelona, Spain, designed and built by Gaudì at the beginning of XX Century.
Here I’m making a comparison with the Sahara Model T.


Looking at early photos, shared by Stipula last month, I thought  that the material of Casa Milà was very similar to the one used for Sahara Model T.
Not at all! Now that I have both here in my hands, I can see they’re absolutely different.

Casa Milà and Sahara Model T

Comparison between Casa Milà and Sahara Model T

The Sahara Model T resin shows a very blonde tone, and it seems speckled with grains of sand, visible and sharp: black, brown, white. Among grains, the sand yellow resin is translucent, half-transparent.

Casa Milà and Model T Sahara

The resin of  Casa Milà, instead, yet being speckled as well, shows a darker and closer grain, even more neutral:  its color is not so vivid, I’d say it’s a nut-grey-brown color, quite uniform even so definitively dotted.
It’s also clear a recall to the rock surface of the real Casa Milà – called La Pedrera, build by Gaudì at the beginning of XX Century – with its wavy facade like an undulating beach of fine sand.

Therefore, both the resins recall sand: but one is golden sand like the desert, while the other one is dark as rock.


Both the two pens are very similar in size, whether closed or open. They  mount the same nib, titanium T-Flex, of which we all already spoke a lot .


Different  filling systems: Casa Milà is made in two versions, one with cartridge/converter, and the other one with piston; while the Model T can even be filled completely, for its whole barrel capacity, thanks to the watertight ring.


closed Casa Milà fountain pen

A particular attention has been put in designing decorative elements: clip, band and rings. They’re made in sterling silver, almost completely gold-plated, because the gilding is not uniform everywhere: some parts “fade” to silver.
Stipula calls it “evanescent gold”  and I’d say it’s a perfect definition.
I hadn’t seen these shades in Stipula’s early photos; but I hope to make it clear, here.

 For example, look at the top of the clip, which exactly reproduces the ventilation towers on the building’s roof;

or the central band, which recalls the  wrought iron decorations of balconies and windows; and even the final ring, engraved with Art Nouveau whirls, is slightly faded.

 Casa Milà cap band 


Casa Milà is already available in converter filled version (Lim. Ed. 274 pieces).
In few days also the piston filled version will be available  (Lim. Ed. 74 pieces), as well as the ballpen (274 pieces).
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Model T Sahara is a Limited Edition too, 351 fountain pens and 351 speedballs.
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Giardino Italiano

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