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Delta temptations

Tutti i regali DeltaGreat benefits for those who buy Delta pens in March: the high quality leather goods are in bundle with the pens of the Delta collection, exclusively for Giardino Italiano’s customers.

Delta starts the series of initiatives that we every year dedicate to our top brands, offering valuable pieces of their line of leather goods, shipped for free in bundle with their most prestigious pens.
If you expected long the perfect opportunity to add a nice pen Delta to your collection, well here it is!
If you are attracted by a new Delta pen… now it’s the right time to indulge to temptations.


This year, two pieces of leather goods in classic Delta colors come in bundle with pens:

  • a pocket Pencase with three places (62×155 mm) which accepts also oversize pens like the new Roma Imperiale.
    The Pencase will be shipped free in bundle with the pens of value equal to or greater than 181 € ; or for an equal amount of cheaper pens on a single order;
  • portasoldia Salvabanconote (Billfold Wallet; 94 X 90 mm) with the typical Delta design that can accommodate all (or most) of your notes (we checked with the major currencies we had available: Euros, Dollars and Swiss Francs, but also the Turkish Lira, and Danish and Swedish Crowns).

The Salvabanconote is shipped for free in bundle with Limited Edition, Numbered Editions and pens of the new collections, of value equal to or greater than 401  

The two promotions are not cumulative.

Some examples based on the Italian price list

I buy a Capri Day fp and a Capri Day ballpen for a total value of 260 €.
In my package I’ll find one Pencase in bundle with the order.

I buy a Dolcevita Zen fp of the value of 306 € and a Dolcevita Zen ballpen of the value of 148 € for a total of 454 €.
In my package I’ll find one Pencase in bundle with the fp.

DolcevitaI’m buying a Dolcevita fp of the value of 302 € and a Dolcevita ballpen of the value of 212 € for a total of 514 €.
In my package I’ll find two Pencases, coupled respectively to the fp and ball pen.

150th Anniversary United ItalyI buy a 150th Anniversary United Italy fp of the value of 624 €  and a 150th Anniversary United Italy ballpen of the value of 382 € for a total of 1.006 €.
In my package I will find one Salvabanconote in bundle with the fp and one Pencase in bundle with the ballpen

Buying a Celebration … just ask for what you like.

This promotion adds gifts to the running promotions: a complimentary copy of the magazine Penna and the Passaporto 15 Limited Edition

WARNING: no other Delta products but pens (leather goods and accessories) contribute to reach the minimum order to secure the leather goods in bundle for free.


Giardino Italiano

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